RoDoBo is a Software Package for Solving Optimization Problems Governed by Stationary and Nonstationary Partial Differential Equations with Interface to the Finite Element Toolkit Gascoigne.


This C++ library is developed for complex optimal control and parameter identification problems.

It combines modern optimization techniques for large scale problems with established numerical methods for solving partial differential equations.


Equations (elliptic and parabolic)

Systems of convection-diffusion-reaction equations
Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Compressible Navier-Stokes equations
Reactive flow systems

Control/Parameter variable enters via

Equation (right hand side, diffusion coefficients, convection direction, reaction rates, etc.)
Dirichlet/Neumann/Robin boundary conditions
Initial condition

Optimization algorithms

Newton/Gauss-Newton/Quasi-Newton methods
Globalization techniques (trust region, line search)
Primal-dual-active-set strategy
Interior-point methods


Space-time finite element discretization
A posteriori error control
Adaptive mesh refinement in 2D and 3D
Dynamic meshes
Stabilization schemes (SUPG, LPS)
Multigrid methods